Respite & Short Term Stays

The Respite Care option is designed for seniors who are recuperating from an injury, or simply need a helping hand and a break from their current environment.  Respite residents are temporary residents of the community, who enjoy all the same amenities, activities and services as other residents during the duration of their stay.  

The Respite resident may choose from a private or semi-private apartment custom-designed with the senior in mind, and will enjoy restaurant-quality dining services, and maintenance-free living.  Should a respite resident need assistance with medication or activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, or dressing, they will receive the highest quality of care from our trained, professional staff members.

Like our permanent residents, they can also relax and recuperate while enjoying a variety of enriching social activities, games, and entertainment programs with their peers in the community.  Respite stays can vary in length depending on the need of any particular resident, typically ranging from one week to several months. 

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    One of the aspects about The Terrace at Mountain Creek that my mother and I treasure the most is what we like to say is the element of "happy". People are happy at The Terrace.

    Judy B.

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    Having completed seven years living at The Terrace, my experience has been most satisfactory!

    Ben J.

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    Thanks so much for all you have done to help with my Mom. You have a very special gift working with the elderly!

    Barbara G.

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